Project Location

The map to the right shows the location of site that has potential for development of a wind farm. The project site is approximately 40 km north-south and 15 km east-west.

The land is currently used for sheep grazing and there is an existing 220kV power line which runs through the centre of the site. EnergyConnect has proposed a 300kV transmission line, currently under development by TransGrid and ElectraNet, which is planned to pass through the site parallel to the existing power line.


Preliminary Site Investigation

Our initial assessments indicate the project could host approximately 175  wind turbines and associated infrastructure, providing over 1GW of electricity. This is equivalent to the amount of electricity required to power over 500,000 average NSW homes.

The project could be connected to the electricity transmission network through the new Project EnergyConnect 330 kV transmission line which is under construction by TransGrid, through future REZ infrastructure, or through the existing electricity network.

As we carry out environmental and technical studies, and gather community feedback, the preliminary site design will be refined.

Project Status

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Company Background

Goldwin Logo

Goldwind is a global leader in manufacturing and installing wind turbines across six continents. The company has over 20 years’ experience in developing wind turbines, with over 29,000 turbines installed worldwide totalling over 45 GW of generation. Goldwind Australia was established in 2009 with offices in Sydney and Melbourne and has over 1.8 GW of wind and solar farm projects operating or in development across the country.

Goldwind Australia is a signatory to the CEC Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects.



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